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Who the f*ck am I?

And why the f*ck am I doing this?

Five years ago I qualified as a vet in the UK. Three years ago, I realised being a vet was not enough. It was a start, but it didn’t complete me the way I had imagined. I also realised three other things - 1. Ten minutes of consult time is nowhere enough time to properly educate pet owners or answer questions, so understandably y’all are googling things. However - there’s a SHOCKING amount of misinformation and vague, inaccurate, probably-AI-generated pet care content online. My main mission is to provide you instead with accurate, credible, vet-written pet care advice free of charge…with a 100% no bullsh*t guarantee. Hence the ‘For Pet Parents’ blog section has been born. 2. The Veterinary Profession (in the UK at least) NEEDS to go through some radical changes in the near future or this ship will sink. Retention rates have never been lower and the national vet shortage has become a very real phenomenon. Pending a shift towards better work-life balance, fairer pay in comparison to our human medical counterparts, and a little more understanding from our client base, we remain an occupation stuck in the past. 3. Vet med has complex links with human health and with the environment, and not just in terms of our climate impact and waste. Vets should be a vital part of the scientific community when it comes to addressing future challenges such as habitat change, zoonotic diseases and natural disasters.

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